Origami Dinosaurs Collection

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1. 16cm wide x 9cm high 
2. 14cm wide x 11cm high 
3. 19cm wide x 10cm high 
4. 15cm wide x 14cm high 
5. 16cm wide x 10cm high 
6. 19cm wide x 9cm high 
7. 16cm wide x 10cm high 
8. 17cm wide x 7cm high 
9. 18cm wide x 9cm high 
10. 12cm wide x 11cm high 
11. 16cm wide x 8cm high 
12. 16cm wide x 6cm high 
13. 17cm wide x 10cm high 
14. 17cm wide x 9cm high 
15. 19cm wide x 8cm high 
16. 18cm wide x 10cm high

Every size has one dinosaur,16 PCS totally.
Size 2: The sizes of dinosaur are same as size 1,but the quantities in double.
What you will receive:

-wall sticker

-Appliance instruction

Not all colors are showed on the color options,if you need the other colors on the color chart,please just leave us a note when you place your order.

If you have any requirements,please send us a note through the "more information" text box on the product page.