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What is wall sticker?
What is wall sticker?
Wall sticker is a kind of vinyl stickers that are pinned to the wall or a smooth surfaces for decoration or informational intent,it can be applied in so many locations: living room,bedroom,kid’s room,school library,class room,business,office,salon and so on.Wall Sticker is very easy to install and easy to remove from any surfaces.Given that wall sticker are known to be long-lasting,they can last up to 5 years without needing to replace it or upkeep.So wall sticker has changed the way we look at walls in the previous years and have transformed the wall design industry. According to contents of wall sticker,we roughly classify wall stickers into the following categories: nursery/kid’s wall sticker,modern/retro wall sticker,and wall quote stickers.Nursery/Kid’s wall stickers include many themes designs-animals,trees,birds,fish,sports....Modern/retro wall stickers are made of figure silhouette,film/music,sports design,they can be quote or graphic.Wall quote stickers are most popular,because you can pick any quote you like,and make it as wall sticker. The price of wall sticker is cheap compared to painting wall,you can get a beautiful wall sticker with limit budget.Painting wall may be a very troublesome thing,because you need to purchase paint first,then hire someone to paint for you,and wait for a few days to let the paint dry enough,but for wall sticker,you just pick your favorite items from thousands of wall stickers,even custom design accepted,and apply the items by yourself easily. As you can see, there are many benefits and advantages to using wall stickers as an alternative to traditional decorating methods for your business and home. Get started on your own projects today by checking out our wall stickers section to find the products you’re looking for.
Tips for applying wall stickers
Tips for applying wall stickers
You will need to prepare some tools for the installation: scissors,dry cloth,plastic card/squeegee/credit card,masking tape. We have two kinds of wall stickers sold on our store,graphic wall sticker and peel-stick wall sticker.Graphic wall sticker are covered by transfer film,but peel and stick wall sticker are not.The installation would be a bit different. Graphic wall stickers You can apply your wall sticker to any flat surfaces but make sure it is clean of dirt or grease and completely dry. Before you start the installation,please check the wall sticker you received and make sure that there is not air bubbles between film and wall sticker.If there are bubbles,please use your hard card/squeegee to push them out.Cut around the individual graphic first if needed,then position the stickers in the desired location with masking tape on to the surface.For large stickers,you can tape vertically right in the middle to achieve the desired result. When ready to fix the sticker,peel back one side of the clear transfer film from the backing paper,ensure that the stickers attach to the film.Using scissors,cut away the side of the backing paper that is revealed. Use the hard card to remove any air bubbles trapped inside.Please note that the vinyl is very sticky and keep the rest away while apply. Remove the masking tape.Pull the remaining backing paper from the back of the sticker and smooth the sticker down with your hand as you go. Peel back the edge of clear transfer film and remove,pulling slowly and carefully away at 180 degrees to the vinyl.If the vinyl pulls away with the transfer film,use the squeegee a bit more. For peel and stick wall stickers,please just peel the pieces from backing paper,then put your desired location. REMOVAL: When it comes time to remove your vinyl sticker,remember that the heat of a blow dryer will soften the vinyl and make it easier to peel off.
Decorate your space with custom vinyl wall sticker
The latest trend in offices,businesses,and even homes is custom wall sticker.For businesses,they are an excellent tool to advertise promotions and valuable information about their company to customers,but for homes,graphic wall stickers become very popular.What makes vinyl wall sticker the first choice for decorating your home interior?Vinyl is a flexible and excellent material that you can customize and decorate your walls with bedroom wall stickers,kitchen wall stickers,and much more. Decorating the interiors of your home requires a lot of creativity.Most people believe that designing their home means choosing fine furniture,bright lighting,and showpieces for decoration.But,in reality,there is much more than that.If you are looking to decorate your home in a unique manner,you need to use vinyl wall sticker to make it more lively.The choices that you have are limitless-you can choose to coordinate it with the decor of your room or just pick a design that will contrast and be the focal point of your room.All you need to do is select one of the designs or create your own to your specifications,including the content,size,and colors.Whether you need those cute stickers for your baby nursery or kitchen wall stickers to brighten your kitchen,you can be sure find something you love.You can go on not just the walls,but also on windows,tiles,mirrors,and any other flat and clean surfaces. Custom wall stickers can help set the tone of your space and make your space more inviting.


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